Data companies powering the UK property transaction process confirmed as Industry Partners of Conveyancing Information Executive

13 May 2021

The Conveyancing Information Executive (CIE) has today announced that four notable property and land data-led businesses have become Industry Partners of the trade body organisation: Ambiental; Barbour ABI; Glenigan; and JBA Risk Management.

  • Ambiental is a global specialist in environmental hazard and climate intelligence, predictive analytics and risk management.
  • Barbour ABI provide construction market intelligence and building project leads for built environmental specialists.
  • Glenigan provide accurate and comprehensive planning and construction coverage of the UK and Ireland.
  • JBA Risk Management is a global specialist in flood risk science, providing flood maps, models, analytics and consultancy for current and future climates.

These companies are leading industry exemplars and highly qualified data practitioners, with a depth of experience in data collection, validation, cleansing, accuracy and useability. Their collective databases are widely used to underpin risk assessments that are critical in powering the UK property transaction process.

Chris Loaring, a spokesperson for the Conveyancing Information Executive said, “The residential property industry is evolving at pace, with the pandemic accelerating the adoption of new technology. As the sector continues to transition to a ‘digital first’ agenda the role of data becomes an ever more critical foundation of accurate and successful decision making.

“These leading data companies each bring unique insights and expertise that will ensure high quality data remains the central consideration within the ‘digital first’ movement.”

The overall purpose of the CIE is to raise data quality and content standards in property searches used within the UK conveyancing process. Its membership includes Argyll Environmental, Geodesys, Groundsure, Landmark Information, Mining Searches UK, PinPoint Information and SearchFlow.

The CIE welcomes membership applications from all organisations that support the UK’s conveyancing industry.