The Conveyancing Information Executive join the RED Foundation

December 2021

The Conveyancing Information Executive (CIE) has today announced that it has joined the RED Foundation as part of a shared focus on connecting stakeholders, raising standards, and overcoming ethical challenges that the use of data can present.

The RED Foundation is an initiative set up to ensure the housing sector benefits from an increased use of high-quality data. Moreover, it aims to act impartially to ensure the correct application of data across the real estate sector and built environment.

Last month, the CIE held a round table for stakeholders across the property transaction data chain. The roundtable focused on the barriers of adopting UPRNs (Unique Property Reference Numbers) within the conveyancing industry and set up focus groups to tackle any major operational challenges within the property transaction process. Following this, the CIE and the RED Foundation aim to work together to focus on enabling solutions to further promote the full potential of UPRNs.

Stuart Telfer, Operations Director at CIE founder member Groundsure said: “The Conveyancing Industry Executive is pleased to be supporting the RED Foundation. They are actively involved in pushing for the wider adoption of UPRNs and the ethical use of data and both of these areas are closely aligned with the CIE’s philosophy.”

Dan Hughes, founder of The RED Foundation said: “We are delighted that the CIE has signed up to support us and our work in connecting data initiatives and people across the property sector and raising awareness of data ethics.

“It’s great to see the momentum building behind the connected and ethical use of data, including the role of the UPRN as a vital part of the data foundations needed.”

The overall purpose of the CIE is to raise data quality and content standards in property searches used within the UK conveyancing process. Its membership includes Argyll Environmental, Geodesys, Groundsure, Landmark Information, Mining Searches UK, PinPoint Information, SearchFlow, Ambiental, Glenigan, JBA Risk Management and Barbour ABI.

The CIE welcomes membership applications from all organisations that support the UK’s conveyancing industry.

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